Health & Safety

Experiential Training is the way For Workers to acquire the Appropriate
Safe Responses to everyday Situations

Face Risks the safe way

All companies are concerned by Health & Safety issues and the entire workforce is facing risks

  • Risks related to physical activity
  • Falls and slips
  • Infectious risks
  • Psychosocial risks
  • Risks related to a typical schedules
  • Risks related to physical agents
  • Risks related to travel.

Deliver Safety Onboarding


Digitize a mandatory safety onboarding

Allow difficult to access facilities visit

Digitize the procedures to obtain a badge

Live the risks


Raise risks awareness

Identify dangers

Adopt the right reflexes

Manage Situations

health and safety

React on emergency situations

Train on QHSE contents (first aid, fire safety, etc...)

Simulate crisis

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divided training time
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people trained in 6 months

Benefits of Immersive Learning in Health & Safety


✓ Allows training on installations without interruption or loss of productivity.

✓ Focus trainers on their value-added tasks


✓ Increases the availability of mandatory training

✓ Avoids delays and logistical bottlenecks between trainings

✓ Allows trainings before starting a job


✓ Engages and motivates learners to train

✓ Increases retention and efficiency through better employees' engagement

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