3 Immersive Learning applications in the Health field


Save lives by learning from your virtual mistakes Immersive learning and its applications in the training of procedures, behaviors and life skills of health care personnel The development of new technologies has had a considerable impact on the way we acquire new knowledge. E-learning has been made accessible to all and is now part of […]

Interview LFB: “Reduce our training time by 50% thanks to Immersive Learning.”

LFB x Uptale

With a “Provider Success Manager” philosophy, Sebastien Fons manages cross-functional HR projects within LFB Group. He drives projects such as skills development & performance and talent management with a focus on improving the employee’s experience. Who is LFB ? LFB is a French biopharmaceutical laboratory and one of the leading European players in biopharmaceuticals. Providing […]

Interview Alstom : Their transition to Immersive Learning with Uptale

Alstom logo x Uptale

You hear more and more about Immersive Learning and Virtual Reality training and you are curious to exchange with those who have already stepped through? Discover it during a professional breakfast on Friday 28 February at STATION F, advice and feedback from Alstom and PSA: why did they choose Immersive Learning to enrich their training […]

3 examples of using Immersive Learning for Safety Training

For all companies, employee training and upgrading skills is a necessity to adapt to regulatory, technological and organizational changes. This is especially true for high-risk sectors, such as manufacturing and mining, chemicals, oil and gas. In these cases, the chart of accident-free days becomes an element scrutinized by all. Emergency preparedness is complex. Indeed, in […]