Infographic: Our selection of equipment for Immersive Learning

In recent years, virtual reality has become more democratic, especially thanks to video games. The professional use of this technology has largely gone beyond the sphere of gaming to join the world of business. The use of Virtual Reality in the service of vocational training is a powerful example.
In fact, Immersive Learning makes it possible to increase teams’ skills more quickly by putting them into real learning situations. Until a few years ago, it required a huge budget to put together these modules: use of 3D developers, significant time spent in design, limited deployment and expensive equipment. These barriers are gradually fading away, and today we will focus on this last point. In recent years, stakeholders such as Oculus and Ricoh have made access to high-quality headphones or recording equipment more and more affordable.
Because we have accompanied many of our customers in this technology, we have tested a large number of products to advise them of the best.
In this article, we suggest our selection of equipment to move to the era of Immersive Learning. You will find the summary as an infographic at the end of the article:

1) Cameras

Ricoh Theta V

With an average price of €449, this camera offers good image quality. With its small size and quick grip, it is perfect for beginners. Its associated smartphone application is intuitive and allows visual feedback directly on your smartphone. You can record 360-degree high-definition still images equivalent to 14m pixels of output. Video performance has been dramatically improved, making 360-degree, 4K (3840×1920, 56 Mbps) high-definition shooting possible with 29.97 fps.

Vuze XR

On the verge of launching at the average price of €439, this camera makes videos 5.7K and 30FPS or 4K and 60FPS so very good quality. The 360° format is convertible into 180° 3D. Its ergonomic design incorporates image stabilization.

It is available on average at a price of €445. This camera allows you to capture 2D 360° (4K) videos and 180° 3D UHD content. The visual feedback on your smartphone allows you to do instant stitching with a fairly intuitive application.

Sold at around €299, this camera offers only 180° and 180° 3D. It also offers direct visual feedback on smartphone. You can post-produce your videos directly from the application available on Linux and Mac.

Insta360 Pro
This high-end camera is offered at a price of €3399. It offers optimal video and sound quality. It supports formats up to 8K and captures 100 fps and streams in real time in 3D and 360° for live broadcast or standard video. This equipment requires a lot of time for installation as well as for post-production and stitching of videos.

2) Headsets

HTC Vive Focus
This standalone headset available at about €500 allows you to live your experiences in 6 degrees of freedom, so it supports movement in real space. It is very suitable for broadcast for medium groups. Remember to space users well.

Oculus GO
This standalone headset is more affordable, about €230, depending on the storage, with 3 degrees of freedom. It is perfect for broadcasts with medium-sized groups in face-to-face sessions. You can also use it very well in an event.

Windows Mixed Reality Headset
Sold at around €400, these headphones are the top of the range of Virtual Reality because they allow for strong immersion, with 6 degrees of freedom and a higher visual result. They require the use of a powerful PC, generally used for gaming. They are suitable for experiments requiring moving and performing gestures in the workplace, in small, close groups.

Mobile type headset Homido V2
This headset is sold for between €50 and €80. You will need a recent smartphone to make it work. You can use it for broadcasts to medium-sized groups, on home or business sessions, with learners’ smartphones.

Removable glasses Homido Mini
This equipment is one of the cheapest at your disposal, between €7 and €15, depending on the quantities. These glasses are clipped on to the smartphone and allow you to visualize your experiences in Virtual Reality. It is perfect for large groups to train, both at home and in the workplace. Your teams will have to use their own smartphones. You can personalize these glasses with your logo.

Personalized mobile headset Cardboard
You will find this kind of headset for between €5 and €19 depending on the quantities. It offers the possibility of being personalized with the image of your company. You can use it for very large audiences for home or event broadcasts.



High definition image, easy access, price, you can choose the equipment that suits you according to your needs. If you are an educational designer, and you want to create immersive modules, easily, and we have to (especially Thomas, our Immersive Designer) recommend ONE headset and ONE camera, that would be the Ricoh Theta V, for its quick grip, with the Oculus Go, for its autonomous operation.

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