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The arrival of new employees requiring the mobilization of experts for several hourseven a day, the Tarbes site of ALSTOM chose to go through immersive learning to carry out the site visit. An objective was also to show, internally, the ease and speed of development of an immersive learning solution, compared to very tedious old learning methods.


The Alstom Transport site in Tarbes is the world center of excellence for traction systems, power modules and switchgears. Their teams wanted an Immersive module for visitors and new employees to make them aware of the site’s main risks and professions and to offer them a quick and safe visit.

​In addition to a full site visit, various gamifications allow newcomers to learn safety rules much more effectively than going through long powerpoints. This complete experience was created in 5 days.


More than a 1.700 employees have been won over by this experience since 2 years and have already found several applications in their sector. It is already an integral part of their onboarding sessions and nearly 30 new employees benefit from it each month.

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