Bring VR to the Classroom!

Virtual Reality is an incredible tool to amaze students and provide them with a new way of learning that is closer to the reality.

We provide Educators, teachers, and universities a complete SaaS platform that enables them to create Immersive Learning experiences in the classroom so as to:

  • Carry out what a first job at a company looks like
  • Enhance experimentation possibilities by digitizing real-life environments
  • Illustrate complex concepts with concrete examples and much more

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Carrying out hands-on chemistry lab work at distance

Picture yourself in your future job

Learn & travel around the world

Practice job interviews in VR
using voice recognition

Benefits of Immersive Learning

Immersive Learning is the best technology to digitize environments, know-how and human skills. Students teleport themselves instantly and train in real situations without constraints and risks. 

Uptale provides a Cloud platform for anyone without a technical background to create, deliver and analyze training experiences in 360° and Virtual Reality in a measurable and scalable way.
Immerse your students in real-life situations and bring the field to the Classroom!

Uptale’s platform offers:

  • An intuitive VR and 360° authoring tool to simulate environments and to digitize training skills
  • An ability to distribute consistent learning content to any device (VR headsets, computers, smartphones, tablets) and any location in real time
  • Insights and analytics across learning enablement programs that can be integrated into any LMS, as Moodle


100% attention
thanks to immersion



75% to 90% of long-term knowledge retention



Practical know-how



5 times more engaging than any other learning solution

Use Cases

Discover what our schools and universities have achieved with Uptale’s platform by creating their own 360° / VR pedagogical experiences, in just a few days and without any prior technical knowledge.

Immersion in a full-scale chemistry lab in VR

Improve student understanding through immersion in a full-scale chemistry lab. Thanks to simulation and experimentation, proposes an Immersive chemistry lab directly integrated in the paper and digital textbook. Discover the Immersive module


This immersive experience is available in high school students’ textbooks with a mini-URL. Try it out! (soon available in English)

Exemple de formation dans un laboratoire de chimie


For several years, has been proposing innovative solutions to meet the difficulties of students to understand scientific applications. Constantly looking for new possibilities to enhance experimentation possibilities, wanted to propose an Immersive chemistry lab directly integrated in the paper and digital textbook.



Through a mini-URL available in the Physics-Chemistry textbooks, the student needs to help scientists to solve the mystery of an ecological disaster while participating in several laboratory experiments.


Results High school textbooks have aroused great interest in the teaching sphere thanks to the proposed complementarity between paper and digital formats. The result of several months of experimentation, the collaboration between and Uptale, has shown the educational publishing sector that Immersive Learning is a new tool accessible to everyone.

Try it out! (soon available in English)

WebPédago Imaginez-vous dans votre futur job

Picture yourself in

your future job

Experience the daily life of a worker in this immersive job discovery module. In the shoes of a sound engineer, the student goes through the different steps required to record a song.


Highlight jobs that are unknown or fascinating to students. Guide them in their professional orientation.



Enable students to have a complete, interactive and personalized overview of the sound engineering job.



In that experience, we are able to follow a sound engineer in the recording of a song. He explains to us the different steps necessary for the proper functioning of the recording as well as the parameters to which we must pay particular attention.



  • Better orientation
  • Highlight jobs that are unknown or fascinating to students
think global school

Pedagogical visits in VR

To transform education into project-based and experiential learning, Think Global School has integrated immersive technologies into student training. The goal was to connect each VR experience to a particular lesson


4 main pedagogical tours are now deployed in the school through web browser or VR headsets / Cardboards.

think global school


Think Global School is the first traveling high school where students live and learn in four countries a year. To transform education into project based and experience-based learning, they have integrated immersive technologies into students training. They are introduced to places and monuments, to learn more about a particular event that happened in the country they’re in and more importantly, students create them on their own!



The goal was to connect each VR experience to a particular lesson. Through those VR experiences, students have been able to discover & learn from several places such as Japan with Miyajima Island or the historical site of Hiroshima.



4 main experiences are now deployed in the school through VR headsets, Cardboards or Web browser. VR will also be used for student’s personal projects. With Uptale’s complete end-to-end platform, Think Global School can now build their own experiences and revolutionized their education methods.

Practice job interviews’
stressful exercise

Through a 360° conversational module, the learners improve their employability
Future candidates can now practice job interviews’ stressful exercise. They improve themselves with the help of an instant feedback system based on voice recognition.


Hundreds of students were able to train remotely and receive personalized feedback from their coaches / teachers to develop their employability.

openclassrooms réalité virtuelle


Preparing the candidates to the reality of the job market while adapting to the current challenge of distance learning is a crucial priority for us and OpenClassrooms. In order to improve the process of pedagogical pathways, associating OpenClassrooms’ MOOC and Uptale’s immersive simulations was an obvious solution. 



This first experiment for developers immerses us in the role of a candidate. A recruiter asks questions, and the trainee has to interact throughout a conversation by structuring his or her presentation and by pronouncing specific keywords expected by the recruiter, which are validated as the interview goes along.



This type of pedagogical modality offers a new kind of dimension to the already existing MOOCs: to train in real-life situations, to give more context, more actions, and emotions to the learners.

This module, first tested on a course designed for 300 people, will bring others to OpenClassrooms.

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