Immersive technologies – Their fast adoption in business: assessment and prospects

Innovation is a major focus in the 21st century, especially when it comes to digital, virtual and immersive technologies. Three years ago, companies had to face a new economic climate and the emergence of new challenges. These organizations and educational institutions have since adapted and found in immersive technologies a solution to meet the new challenges. There’s no need […]

Experimenting Immersive Learning in the classroom

The field of education has always aimed at expanding their learning methods to step out of their generic tendencies. Particularly, their lack of practical application results in a mainly theoretical approach. Thanks to the exponential growth of the new technologies, we came across new tools allowing us to go beyond the theory and improve learning […]

Interview NUS: Higher order thinking with Uptale Immersive Learning

Fun Man Fung

VR is used not only in corporate upskilling and reskilling, but also in education. To better understand how VR and Uptale have improved the way of teaching and learning, we have interviewed Fun Man Fung, Scientist-Educator and Shaphyna Nacqiar Kader, research assistant and undergraduate in National University of Singapore. Background of our interviewees: The National […]

The 8 essentials of an effective training solution

Sometimes it is hard to make decisions when it comes to adapting new technology for training. It is not as simple as switching from organic brown rice to quinoa, as the changes generally affect globally and extensively for the long term. To assist you in evaluating the effectiveness of a new training solution, here is […]

From E-Learning to “A-Learning”​


The future of technology is all about “Augmentation” – with a big A. An intelligent world made of “augmented humans living in augmented realities”, where everything will become smarter and everyone will have super powers on demand to create, solve, and enjoy enriched lives. In some ways the future is already here – Smart devices […]

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