chambre erreurs Korian réalité virtuelle


Korian Academy, the internal university of Korian, leading European Care Services Group for elderly and fragile, has used Virtual Reality to facilitate the recruitment process within their facilities.


The goal of the experience is to confront the candidate with real situations in order to determine if he/she has the required skills for the position.


The candidate is faced with real life situations during which the recruiter can evaluate the candidate's ability to respect certain criteria such as a social criterion, the respect of sanitary standards, the respect of the person and the adequacy of his/her behaviour.


Once immersed, the candidate makes choices on which he/she will be evaluated and possibly hired.


Launched in early June 2021, the training is currently in the deployment phase. The module is shared via computer, smartphones and VR headsets with all employees and recruiters worldwide. The experience should be time saving for recruiters and improve the quality of recruitment, thus reducing the risks involved.


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