Uptale: Emotional Intelligence: Boost your socio-emotional skills and learn to make responsible decisions

Salle de réunion avec 5 personnes qui travaillent


The work environment has become complex, uncertain … often stressful! The ability to regulate one’s emotions and interact appropriately with others to find new and effective solutions is now decisive.


Pragmatic DreamersLearning Futures and Uptale teamed up to create this immersive experience that puts the learners in the shoes of a manager during a work meeting. In the game, like in real-life, their choices determine the outcome of the meeting. While being honest about their answers the learners are guided by experts to self-evaluate and better understand how to manage and behave with coworkers.


We proudly add this experience to our catalog of “off-the-shelf” immersive training modules, available in formats for male and female workers.

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