Randstad: Evaluate safety and technical knowledge of future employees

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Randstad Évaluer les connaissances sécurités et techniques de futurs collaborateurs


Respond to two customer requests (Logistéo and Afpa) by developing two immersive modules to train their potential futur employees to security rules and necessary safety equipment within the workshops, to raise awareness about the risks of injuries related to the working environment and to assess the technical knowledge (specific to each client).


Immersed in the new logistics site Logistéo, newcomers must first answer security questions before they can practice order preparation and delivery.

On the other hand, in the shoes of an Afpa industrial electrician, the learner must answer various questions in order to carry out his maintenance and fault diagnosis work. And this, without danger, by choosing the right PPE and tools adapted to each situation.


– Assessment of the candidates in real-life situations which wasn’t possible in traditional recruitment test
– Reduction of recruitment uncertainty

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