The partnership between University and Enterprise: students creating VR training for employees

realite virtuelle


As part of their training, students from the University of Franche-Comté’s IUT MLT create virtual reality training modules with Stellantis.

Produced over a period of several weeks, the modules, which were carefully co-constructed with the company, are used to train new employees and employees.


“We wanted to start incorporating new technologies because the professions we train our students for are moving toward connected tools. We wanted to respond to new ways of learning, and using virtual reality was the first step.” Catherine Gérardin, Manager of the MLT department et the Besançon-Vesoul IUT and teacher.

The Stellantis Vesoul production site was looking to increase the concentration of learners and trainers in a modern and efficient way. Very quickly, they thought of Virtual Reality. The partnership allows the students to be trained and the production site to benefit from carefully created training modules.


  • 4 modules and ongoing projects
  • Time saved: 30 minutes per learner versus 3 hours before
  • More than 1200 employees trained with Uptale
  • A dynamic and innovative image of the company and of training
  • Involvement of the creation increases the understanding and retention of knowledge
  • 100% success rate in training

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