Grenoble School of Management: Virtual Reality at the disposal of ethical finance

grenoble ecole de management
Grenoble Ecole Management Realite Virtuelle


Grenoble Ecole de Management is one of the French business schools that has decided to specialize in finance. This is why, in collaboration with Uptale, they created a training in ethical finance for their students.

The idea is to raise awareness of new ethical practices within the finance sector.


This VR experience allows the learner to live several professional scenarios (team meetings, exchanges between colleagues and client discussions) in which the student must take a position.

The training is experienced individually and then followed by peer-to-peer exchanges plus a debrief with a teacher.


Here, students are led to make an effort of thoughtfulness, in order to raise awareness on a sector that is undergoing a transformation of its economic model and whose values, such as ethics, are more and more identifiable.

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