Eau de Paris: Safety awareness exercices in production area

eau de paris noir
petit entrepôt avec plusieurs bidon dont un au centre qui fuit


Eau de Paris, french state-owned company in charge of water distribution, wanted to raise its employees’ awareness about safety rules in transport infrastructures production facilities thanks to an Immersive Training module.


Co-created in 5 days, the experience traces the typical day of an employee operating in the production area. Immersed in the workshop environement, learners meet different risky situations where they must follow instructions to ensure safety.


Launched mid-December 2019, the training module is currently in deployment phase. A special attention is paid to the results generated, as centered on the safety and not on the specific technicalities / profession, the training is followed by all the collaborators as a first experiment of the Immersive Learning for Eau de Paris.

  • 98% of the learners have a really positive opinion of the module (75% found it Excellent’
  • 92% learners found the module really useful for learning 

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