Delfingen: How to reduce the time spent in training new line technicians on a machine?

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Delfingen, a global leader in protection and routing solutions for electric and fluid on-board networks, trains its new line technicians on manufacturing machines with printed documentation, in person. The company wishes to digitize a part of this training by using the latest technologies, to make it more attractive and efficient.


Uptale and Delfingen worked together to create a Virtual Reality training on their manufacturing machines. This training uses the 3D objects provided by Delfingen so that line technicians can observe, understand, and manipulate the different parts of the machine, in Virtual Reality, without mobilizing it.


95% of the line technicians trained in VR are very satisfied  with the module and want to learn more, through virtual reality. In less than 15 minutes, we learn the plastic extrusion process and we know the name and role of the different elements that are part of the machine.

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