Chloé: Immersive onboarding of newcomers at Maison Chloé



  • Engage more deeply newcomers, whether they are based at Headquarters, in stores or in other regions.
  • Offer a user-friendly digital application to facilitate and enhance the learning experience.
  • Complete the face-to-face induction program with an immersive induction program.


The immersive journey developed by Chloé includes three paths: product life cycle (designers’ workplaces, prêt-à-porter workshop, showrooms), history of the house (the Heritage department) and “Behind The Scene”, which reveals the backstage of the house. Each newcomer will be able to discover the Paris Headquarters and learn more about the company’s history.


Released at the end of November 2020, the module will be shared via microcomputers and smartphones to all employees around the world.

Each newcomer will properly be onboard wherever they are. Other projects are on track, in retail, with topics such as the development of sales ceremonies and customer fidelity, and some more HR oriented with training dedicated to technical know-how.

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