4 concrete cases of personal development thanks to Immersive Learning 

Soft Skills Edtech

Teamwork, leadership, adaptation, creativity, critical thinking, negotiation, problem solving… so many skills that are necessary for a future entrepreneur or a future employee of a company.  


1. The results aren’t good!

As company manager, you will eventually find yourself facing the management committee for a quarterly review. It’s time to expose the facts, the good and the bad news, about the teams and the financial results.


You need to show leadership to engage your audience and you need your speech to be meticulous. Depending on your interactions with the environment, you may even have to engage in negotiations.


Your posture and sales pitch will be put to the test. Don’t forget that for this training, oral fluency, vocabulary and word frequency will be analyzed. 

financial ethique VR

2. Ethics are the key!

As a learner, you are immersed in several scenes of professional life: team meeting, customer interview


Using quizzes, you must work on your initiative by facing different situations in which you must act. With the help of the microphone, you will have to develop an argument that puts ethical values at the center of the discussion, in this sector that is not generally known to be concerned by it.  


The Grenoble School of Management has decided to set up this immersive module for students in the finance program.  

Grenoble School of Management: Virtual Reality at the disposal of ethical finance

3. Would you be a good manager?

A crisis within your company leads employees to ask you about upcoming customer visits and their schedules.


Your duty is to advise them on good practices while remaining firm and without favoritism. Your critical mind allows you to analyze the situation and your problem solving abilities will be of great help to solve this situation in the field. 

salle de travail avec 6 personnes

Enedis: Training to lead customer relationship briefs and debriefs

4. Can you sell yourself?

 In this job interview simulator created by OpenClassrooms, you will improve your employability through 360° conditional scenarios videos.


Adopt a coherent speech and employ the right key words, otherwise the interview could be cut short… The generated data tables allow you to be aware of the richness of your vocabulary, the ease, the pause time and the frequency of words in your speech. 

OpenClassrooms: Develop students’ employability through Immersive Learning


The increase in social skills is a key factor of success in professional life. It allows students, future entrepreneurs and company employees to fully exploit their potential with confidence.


It is now possible with Immersive Learning solutions such as Uptale to deploy these immersive trainings at scale by delivering them on any type of viewing medium. A fun way to engage your community through professionalizing experiences that will undoubtedly increase the success of each of them.  


In a future article, we will discuss the increase in technical skills of students in engineering and industrial courses, thanks to new interactions such as the manipulation of 3D objects and situations that are increasingly close to reality.