Ifcam Immersive experience insight - body language exercice to welcome a customer


The digital era we’re living in pushes the bank sector to rethink their services and to focus more on social related jobs in order to build a trust relationship between clients and advisors. How do you train 70.000 collaborators scattered around France and make sure they understand their employer’s approach of customer services ?


A proof of concept was created in a single week with IFCAM and in which the learners is put in the advisor's as well as the client's shoes. From there they observe, they act and they learn about body language and efficient communication to improve the client’s experience. Conditional scenarios enables the learners to make mistakes and to practice as much as they need.


The VR training module launched in late October 2019, is still being tested with hundreds of collaborators in France so far. This new format is being greatly welcomed as 85% of the testers noticed an improvement in their understanding and implementation of social skills.


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